Video: The Mercury Issue Presentation

TMI-presentation1This article accompanies two videos relating to the recent Mercury Issue presentation with Dr Alison Adams and guest speaker Dr Baber Nisar. The first video captures a flavour of the presentation content which, after an introduction, includes:

  • The allopathic medical approach and the paradigm shift
  • The properties and sources of mercury
  • Information about dental amalgam and amalgam research
  • The protocol for safe removal of amalgam fillings
  • The legal status of dental amalgam globally
  • The symptoms of mercury toxicity
  • Factors affecting mercury body burden
  • Testing for toxic metals
  • Recovering from mercury poisoning
  • Supplementation
  • The future of dentistry and dental disease prevention

“Mercury toxicity is a subject, even today, that is not understood and talked about. I was brought up with a dentist father and my mother was his dental nurse. My family became extremely toxic and, from hard experience, I would like to share how this poison can affect the emotional and mental states in a family in a very negative way. This issue has affected my whole life and that of other siblings and grandchildren in very harsh ways. As long as we don’t uncover the truth about this toxic profession, the suffering and all the chronic illnesses the medical professions just don’t have a clue about just continue!”

B. Edwall, Son of Dental Family

This second video and the comments below are of feedback from course attendees.

“Fantastic! Every holistic practitioner and dentist in the country needs to attend this lecture! This is the next big epidemic that will affect every human being on the planet over the coming years.”

Janet Wrathall, naturopath

“Any therapist who doesn’t understand ‘mercury’ is working eyes shut. Therapists who understand are working eyes wide open.”

Cynthia Sillars, kinesiologist 

“A very interesting and informative presentation on a subject that is sure to be a hot topic in the years to come.”

Dr Baber Nisar BDS, Mercury-free dentist

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful presentation. It was magnificently researched, prepared and presented, and I came away feeling hugely more informed and greatly re-energised around the subject of mercury toxicity. I am sure that it will greatly help me in my practice to both recognise the symptoms of mercury toxicity and be able to guide people on the subject.”

Sally Whitman, nutritionist and lecturer

“Packed with extremely useful information … interesting, very well illustrated and able to be understood by both therapists and lay people. In fact there was so much to be taken in that I would be happy to attend this event again. Thank you Alison!”

Cynthia Garraway-Smith, complementary therapist

I know that I, and many, many others, have suffered needlessly for decades due to lack of practitioner awareness and knowledge about this crucial subject. The fact is that the signs of mercury toxicity are hidden in plain view – when you know what you are looking for. It is my intention to inform the public, dentists and their teams, and natural health practitioners about this issue. For more information, please refer to the Services page, my personal website ( or contact me if you would be interested in having me give this presentation to a society or other group.

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