The Descent Into Illness 1

The causes of illness

The allopathic medical world continues to search for the unique causes for each one of the growing number of over 20,000 different ‘diseases’. However, effective solutions appear elusive in spite of the phenomenal amounts of research money spent and the constant trumpeting of breakthroughs in technology.

Both the allopathic and naturopathic worlds broadly agree that the following six factors underscore all disease:

  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Radiation
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Trauma
  • Infection with parasites and/or microbes and
  • Deficiencies

However, on the relative importance of each factor they differ greatly with the naturopathic world maintaining that the two overarching causes of illness are toxicity and deficiency – albeit aided and abetted by emotional trauma.

The following is a quote from the Wikipedia entry for multiple sclerosis – but could equally well apply to almost any disease.

“Although much is known about the mechanisms involved in the disease process, the cause remains unknown. Theories include genetics or infections. Different environmental risk factors have also been found.”

When allopathic medicine cannot identify the cause of an illness, they refer to the illness as being essential or idiopathic and when they do not understand a recovery, they refer to it as a spontaneous remission.

Thinking inside the box

What has occurred in allopathic medicine reminds me of Socrates’ allegory of the cave. In the allegory, Socrates describes people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives facing a blank wall.

They watch the shadows on the wall projected by the fire behind them and for them, these forms are their reality. Socrates maintains that the philosopher is the prisoner freed from the cave who can perceive the truth rather than the shadows.

I know this statement is too big for most people to wrap their head around but the whole idea of diseases is a construct.

The allopathic medical profession are prisoners in the cave, looking at the shadow reality and trying to solve the problems there. This is exactly why no real understanding or solutions will ever be gained from this approach.

They may describe what they are observing in very great MRI, scanning electron microscope, genetic or biochemical detail, but they will never discover the causes or the solutions from the cave.

Further, I would say that the cave itself is a cynical construct given to trusting and well-intentioned medical professionals and researchers by a pharmaceutical industry bent on maximising profits. This can be seen in their ruthless treatment of individuals who have chanced upon genuine solutions or been brave enough to expose the truth.

I used this quote in The Natural Recovery Plan book, and I use it again here because it contains the truth:

“It is not that some people do not know what to do with the truth when it is offered to them, but the tragic fate is to reach, after patient search, a condition of mind-blindness in which the truth is not recognised, though it stares you in the face.”

Sir William Osler

We talk about thinking ‘outside the box’, because the solutions we seek are usually there. The ‘box’ is our mental construct – the invisible bars to the cage of our thinking.

For those that have metaphorically been dwelling in the cave and who have a lot invested in cave-dwelling, when offered the keys to their shackles and turned around and shown the reality outside the cave, their reaction is not usually one of surprise, delight or amazement as you might expect, but usually one of anger.

They reject the notion that anything exists outside the cave.

The cave is all they know.

It is all that anybody they know knows.

They think that talk of life outside the cave is fanciful in the extreme.

Even when offered concrete proof of extra-cavernous life, they reject it.

There is another way in which this allegory holds true for our current medical approach and it is this: allopathic medicine is nearly always treating the symptoms – the shadows on the wall – rather than the causes of illness.

Continued in The Descent Into Illness 2.

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