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Breast  Cancer SurvivorThe death of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. and Pixar Studios at the premature age of 56 of pancreatic cancer in 2011 raised several issues.

Although a billionaire with access the best allopathic medical treatment money could buy, extensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical removal of his pancreas and part of his digestive tract, and a liver transplant over a period of 7 years failed to combat the underlying problem and undoubtedly put a sick man through a great deal of trauma.

One of the clues to the particular cancer that he suffered from – pancreatic cancer – may also lie in his early childhood.

His biological parents met as students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His mother, Joanne Schieble, became pregnant by Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian Muslim graduate student. Her parents did not want her to marry an Arab and she gave her baby up for adoption without telling Mr Jandali.

Adopted by a blue collar Armenian couple, Paul and Clara Jobs, in San Fransisco, the baby boy was named Steven Paul. The couple were later to adopt a girl, Patti, and to divorce when Steve was 7 years old.

His biological parents went on to marry and have a daughter, Mona, whom Steve only discovered at the age of 27.

Given his own history it is somewhat surprising that when he fathered a daughter by his high school girlfriend, Chris Ann Brennan, he denied that he could be the father for two years, at one point swearing to a court that he was infertile. His former girlfriend and daughter had to rely upon welfare for a number of years although by then he was a wealthy man.

He was eventually forced to acknowledge that Lisa Brennan-Jobs was his daughter, and she lived with him as a teenager.

The allopathic approach to cancer

Allopathic medicine appears to be mystified as to the cause(s) of cancer and spends ever more money searching for the answers. Treating the body in a mechanistic one-size-fits-all way it cuts (surgically removes the tumour), burns (radiotherapy) and poisons (chemotherapy) the cancer sufferer.

People regard cancer as a death sentence because not only is the treatment horrendously traumatic, but so woefully ineffective. In fact, many suspect that further undermining the immune system that has already demonstrably failed using chemotherapy may be the cause of most cancer deaths.

“The majority of the cancer patients in this country die because of chemotherapy, which does not cure breast, colon or lung cancer. This has been documented for over a decade and nevertheless doctors still utilise chemotherapy to fight these tumours.”

Dr. Allen Levi, The Healing of Cancer, 1990

This would not be so terrible were it not for the fact that alternative approaches are vigorously suppressed and the treatment of cancer using anything other than the allopathic approach has actually been outlawed in many countries.

The reality is that we all produce cancerous cells every day. The problem arises when the immune system either does not recognise or deal with these cells efficiently. For which reason many natural medicine practitioners regard cancer as the ultimate immune disorder.

When scans were done of healthy people an alarming number showed various tumours of which they were completely unaware. The concept being that this is a dynamic process and that these tumours may transiently form depending upon a number of factors and then be resorbed when sufficient nutrients become available. And that this process is normal.

Most people are aware that emotions play an important role in our health. We tend to get infections after periods of stress such as examinations, a house move or divorce.

Medical science has only recently acknowledged this link by creating a new speciality – psychoneuroimmunology – which examines the links between the emotions, and the nervous, endocrine and immune systems. However, by and large allopathic medicine still struggles to conceive that emotions could play a significant role in disease causation.

“Chronic stress can intensify inflammation and increase a person’s risk for developing central nervous system infections, neurodegenerative diseases, like multiple sclerosis (MS), and other inflammatory diseases.”

The American Psychological Association

The oncologists keep the faith in the terrible things that they do to patients because the knowledge of any other treatment options has been deliberately kept from them. And medical training in general desensitises the young would-be doctor to the emotional pain and suffering that they witness. The patients too – trusting blindly in this approach – often follow obediently to their graves.

The naturopathic approach to cancer

The naturopathic world regards most illnesses as being a complex but somewhat predictable mixture of nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, and emotional issues.

The nutritional deficiencies are mostly of trace minerals including selenium, which is noted for its anticancer effects and which are now greatly depleted in soils and the foodstuffs they produce as a result of modern farming methods. In fact, official US government statistics estimate that only 9% of the population meet the recommended daily nutritional requirements.

The role of the thousands of untested chemicals now used in almost every aspect of our lives is also greatly implicated in the causation of cancer. However, this article will focus upon the case for toxic metals in general and mercury in particular as being a primary cause along with the emotional aspects of cancer causation.

The emotional causes of cancer

The Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) view of cancer aetiology is that it is caused by factors of external origin such as infections and exposure to toxins, and internal factors including emotions. In particular, the emotions of depression (ie: repressed anger), anxiety, and grief are thought to result in stagnation of the circulation and a decline in immune system function that may lead to cancer.

According to the holistic view of health our traumas are stored in our bodymind in particular ways. So that rage is stored in the gall bladder, anger in the liver, and guilt in the bowel. The pancreas is said to relate to anxiety or anger relating to a family member and in particular to separation from mother or to the loss of a child.

“Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin. It is only ‘Modern Medicine’ that has turned our animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.”

Dr. Ryke Hamer MD

Recent research by the German surgeon and internal medicine physician, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, has confirmed the mechanism by which this may occur.

His discovery came when his son was killed in an accident and Dr Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly thereafter. He started asking his cancer patients about recent traumas and found that all – without exception – had experienced a profound shock in the preceeding years. Dr. Hamer proceeded to make an in-depth study of 20,000 cancer sufferers over a period of more than a decade.

What he found was that shocks for which the individual had not been prepared created what he called ‘biological conflict shock’. These often proved hard to resolve and produced a toxic emotional cocktail of repressed hate, anger, resentment or grief.

Using CAT scans he found that these ‘biological conflict shocks’ manifested as a focus of activity in the brain and that these areas were in exactly the same place for the same types of cancer.

The lack of ability to resolve the stressful conflict appeared to be causing the emotional reflex centre relating to the particular emotion (eg: grief or anger) in the brain to slowly break down. Each of these emotion centres are connected to a specific organ and when homeostatic control eventually fails, cancerous cells appear in the associated tissues.

Furthermore, when the conflict was resolved, the dark spot on the brain started to disappear and the cancer stopped growing. The normal homeostatic mechanisms were re-established between the brain and the body, the cancer was resorbed and the tissues normalised. In this way he established a direct link between the psyche, the brain and the organ it governed.

Allopathic medicine would call this a ‘spontaneous remission’ and be remarkably uncurious as to the cause. In fact, it is said that no one experiences a ‘spontaneous remission’ without some major resolution or change of heart relating to a key emotional issue.

Dr. Hamer also maintains that metastatic tumours do not originate from the ‘primary’ tumour, but are the result of either suppressive treatment (chemotherapy poisoning the immune response) or other unresolved emotional conflicts.

“Intense traumatic events, such as maternal separation, occurring early in the life of an infant may weaken its immune system.”

Dr. Jane Welsh BSc PhD, Texas A & M University

For the cancer patient, they don’t have time to indulge in years of psychotherapy to get to the root cause of their unresolved conflict. It is usually a deep spiritual wound and something that the individual does not want to look at – or is in deep denial about – that brings them to their knees.

The effect of the trauma is embodied as it was experienced at the time. For the young Steve Jobs he was left as a vulnerable baby with complete strangers and his biological mother to whom he had bonded and who was the only security he knew at that time abandoned him never to be seen again.

Although this occurred before he had any conscious memory of it, it the primitive parts of our brain register these events nonverbally and it is these parts that regulate all the autonomic functions of the body such as controlling blood pressure and the immune response.

Then the separation of his adoptive parents when he was young must have been experienced as a second abandonment. To subsequently realise in adulthood that his own biological parents had gone on to marry and have another child must have been painful too and to have added to his sense of not having been wanted.

And then of course, he was separated of his own volition, from his own daughter later in his life. So experienced the loss of a child in addition to separation from his mother. So the dice really were stacking up for future pancreatic cancer at this stage.

All of these events meant that no amount of mechanistic medicine – no matter how heroic and expensive – was ever likely to tackle the causes of his pancreatic cancer.

“Medicine is only palliative, for back of disease lies the cause, and this no drug can reach.”

Dr. Weir Mitchel MD

Toxic metals and cancer

According to a recent report by The President’s Cancer Panel the true burden of environmentally induced cancers has been grossly underestimated. The environmental insults can include radiation, a host of synthetic chemicals and heavy and toxic metals all of which serve to weaken the immune system and facilitate the development of cancer.

Cadmium and arsenic, for example, are known human carcinogens that have been linked to the development of prostate, breast and lung cancer. And both mercury and cadmium are known to bind the anticancer mineral, selenium, and this may be one mechanism by which they promote cancer.

Nickel and beryllium are two other metals commonly used in dentistry that are very toxic and carcinogenic and that may be incorporated into porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and partial dentures.

These toxic metals are known to cause chronic inflammation by promoting the release of inflammatory cytokines and promoting the reactive oxygen metabolism thus causing tissue injury. The divalent forms of copper, cobalt, nickel, lead, mercury, tin, and chromium have been shown to promote cell proliferation and heavy metals including mercury also disrupt the process of apoptosis (programmed cell death) which is vital for safe removal of unhealthy and cancerous cells.

And whilst toxic metals in general are toxic in their own right, they are also recognised to have profound synergistic effects potentising the toxic effect of mercury a hundred fold.

Continued in The Causes of Cancer 2

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