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Oil Pulling Therapy

Woman doing oil pulling

What is Oil Pulling Therapy? Oil Pulling is a therapy that has its origins in the ancient Ayurvedic medicine practice of oil gargling. It involves rinsing your mouth with vegetable oil for between 15 and 20 minutes. This has the … Continue reading

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Video: The Mouth-Body Connection Course


This first video gives a flavour of the topics covered in Dr Adam’s presentation, The Mouth-Body Connection. This presentation looks at many of the issues affecting health and dental health including nutrition, toxic metals, root canals, dental cavitations, the real … Continue reading

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Audio: Dr Gerald Smith on Dental Health


The dentist and naturopath, Dr Gerald Smith, talks about dental health, jaw cavitations, the thyroid, kinesiology, supplementation and more in this interview with Patrick Timpone of OneRadio Network. Click to listen to Dr Gerald Smith (approx 1 hr). Relevant links: Video: The dental/whole … Continue reading

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Video: Nutrition and Dental Health


The biological dentist, Dr Vernon Erwin, discusses the impact of diet on dental health. 8 mins Relevant links: Book review: Nutrition and physical degeneration Video: Cure tooth decay Audio: Nutrients for dental health Audio: Dr Adams’ RedIce radio interview

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