Useful Contacts: Laboratories and Tests

Listed below are laboratories which variously test for mercury and other toxic metals and for biocompatibility of dental materials.

Genova Diagnostics USA:

Genova Diagnostics Europe/UK:

Biocomp Laboratories Inc.:

Metametrix Clinical Laboratory:

Doctor’s Data, Inc.:

Vitamin Research Products:

Body Balance (Test kits):

Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.:

Melisa Diagnostics:

Melisa Diagnostics Ltd (blood test for hypersensitivity to metals):

Health Diagnostics and Research Institute:

Clifford Consulting & Research Inc. (blood tests for reactions to dental materials):


Quicksilver Scientific (mercury testing):

Nutritional Balancing (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis):

Oral DNA (DNA analysis of oral biofilm):

Live blood test:

Relevant products:

For more information on this topic you may want to refer to or buy the book Toxic Metal Syndrome:

Toxic metal syndrome book cover


Relevant links:

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