Useful Contacts: Dentists Who Avoid and Remove Amalgam Fillings

The following organisations maintain lists of biological or amalgam-free dentists who remove and replace amalgam fillings using the proper procedures.

International Organisations

International Association of Mercury-Free Dentists (IAMFD):

Talk International:

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology: and

International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine:

Biosafe Dentistry:

The Institute for Nutritional Dentistry:

The Doctors Medical Library:

Holistic Dental Association:

A biological dentist listing from Ramiel Naguel:

The Eco Dentistry Association:

Mercury Safe Dentistry (courses for dentists in safe amalgam removal):

Holistic Dental Network

United Kingdom

British Homeopathic Dental Association:

The British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry:

Relevant products:

For more information or to buy The Natural Recovery Plan book which addresses the topic of amalgam filling removal and mercury detoxification go to:

Natural Recovery Plan book icon


Relevant links:

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blue-bulletVideo: Safer amalgam removal

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