Announcing: The Mercury Issue Presentation

businessman and loudhailerWhat every therapist needs to know about mercury poisoning from dental amalgam fillings

What is it about?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for a global phase-down of amalgam fillings to start in 2015 to be followed by a complete ban. See WHO Report: Update for Dentists for more.

This means that the issue of mercury toxicity from dental amalgam is going to be a very large concern in the coming years and with millions of people affected, the public are going to be looking for suitably qualified and experienced help and guidance.

Who is it for?

This continuing professional development (CPD) course is for natural health therapists of all hues including naturopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, osteopaths, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc. or anyone who has a personal or professional interest in knowing more about this issue.

What does it cover?

The Mercury Issue course is intended to equip natural health therapists to know what to look for and how to oversee safe amalgam filling replacement and mercury detoxification. The course will cover:

  • A brief history of mercury use in medicine and dentistry
  • Why mercury is such a potent toxin
  • The signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning
  • The biological replacement of dental amalgam fillings
  • What supplements and therapies can be used to promote mercury detoxification

Where?  Near Stroud, Gloucestershire, England

When?   2 – 7 pm, 14th May 2013 (Note: registration starts at 1:30 pm)

Cost?     £50 including notes

CPD?      A certificate of attendance will be given. This course qualifies as non-K CPD for kinesiologists.

The speakers

Alison-portrait-redThis course will be taught by Dr Alison Adams BDS (Lond), MS (Michigan), KFRP, Dip Class K, Dip I K, Dip AT, MRAT, Dip (Past Life Therapy), Dip (Life Coaching), H I Dip (Complementary Therapies). Alison has both UK and US degrees in dentistry and 20 years of clinical dental experience. During her time as a dentist she sustained occupational mercury poisoning which she recovered from after retraining as a naturopath.

She is the author of Chronic Fatigue. M.E. and Fibromyalgia: The Natural Recovery Plan book which primarily addresses the topic of mercury toxicity from dental amalgam fillings. Dr Adams also hosts websites at and covering the impact of dental procedures on health.

For more information see the About Alison and Services Offered pages.

Guest speaker

baber-nisarDr Baber Nisar BDS (Lond) is an award winning mercury-free dentist who has undertaken extensive postgraduate training in both the UK and the US in a variety of topics including implantology, advanced surgical techniques, occlusion, temperomandibular joint dysfunction and cosmetic dentistry. He is currently completing his Master’s Certificate in Aesthetic dentistry at the Rosenthal Institute in New York. He treats many high profile patients and has appeared giving advice on The Apprentice.

He is a member of the British Society for Mercury Free Dentistry and the principal dentist at Carnaby Street Dental and Centre Point Dental in London, England.

Dr Nisar will address the importance of protecting the patient while removing dental amalgam fillings.

Find out more about one of the biggest health issues of our times!

businessmen handshakeAs a natural health therapist you are seeing patients with mercury poisoning every day! Find out how to recognise the signs and help them.

To be sent a flyer or to reserve a place Contact Alison.

Please send this link to your colleagues or anyone else you think might be interested.

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