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Dr Alison Adams is a leading spokesperson and pioneer in the field of what she calls MouthBody Medicine. This is an emerging discipline that looks at the effect of dental procedures and dental disease on general health and how nutrition and systemic health issues relate to the mouth and teeth. She is a dentist, naturopath, author, online health coach, and speaker.


Alison qualified as a dentist gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Science (BDS – equivalent of DDS) from Guy’s Hospital, London in 1983. After seven years in general dental practice she undertook further study at the University of Michigan, USA, obtaining a Master’s degree in Restorative dentistry (MS). She subsequently ran her own private practice in central London for a number of years before her health deteriorated to the point where she was forced to quit dentistry.

After a lifetime of poor health for which she had taken many medications and had had over 20 surgeries she finally decided to take her health into her own hands. At first this involved extensive reading, but this then segued into more formal courses of study in natural medicine.

She ultimately obtained diplomas in Classical Kinesiology (Dip Class K) and Integrated Kinesiology (Dip I K), and became a Kinesiology Federation Registered Professional (KFRP). She also studied Allergy Therapy obtaining a diploma (Dip A T) and becoming a member of the Register of Allergy Therapists (MRAT). All three of these therapies employ muscle testing (applied kinesiology) as a way of dialoguing with the body to ascertain the causes and preferred solutions to ailments.

In addition she studied a host of related subjects obtaining diplomas in nutrition (Dip Nut), Anatomy and Physiology (Dip A & P), Life Coaching (Dip Life Coaching) and Past Life Therapy (Dip Past Life Therapy) and was awarded a Higher International Diploma in Complementary Therapies [H I Dip (Complementary Therapies)]. She is also now a member of the Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (CONEM) – an international organisation based in Norway (see my page). During this time she also studied Reiki and Spiritual Healing for a number of years.

Over the course of her studies she came to appreciate that what had been ailing her and members of her family was primarily chronic mercury poisoning. This came not only from her occupational exposure to mercury vapour as a dentist using amalgam, but also from an accidental spill at work, her own dental amalgam fillings, and the mercury based preservative (thimerasol) used in many vaccinations.

“In 50 years time when people realise what 21st century medicine has done – the pain & suffering it has caused driven by ignorance & greed – the medieval barber surgeons with their humours & bloodletting are going to look like Nobel laureates.”

Dr Tom Klaber, President Bridge Medicine

Using muscle testing to determine a course of supplementation she endured some fairly unpleasant detoxification symptoms at first. However, she was encouraged to continue by the fact that she started to feel stronger and one by one her troublesome symptoms melted away.

Over time she came to appreciate that she hadn’t been exceptionally unlucky, but that ALL dentists and their chairside assistants have mercury poisoning. Further, she came to understand that some degree of mercury poisoning was endemic within the population and that if addressed, many chronic, serious and degenerative conditions could be reversed.

She shared her insights into this issue in her book Chronic Fatigue, ME and Fibromyalgia: The Natural Recovery Plan. She also established a website at www.thenaturalrecoveryplan.com which is devoted to helping people suffering with fatigue syndromes reclaim their health using natural means. For more about the book see Products and Services.

“Alison is truly knowledgeable and sincere in helping people recover from toxicity and chronic disease. She makes it possible and is candid about her experience. She conveys patience and the belief that one can recover and navigate through the maze of alternatives.”

Jackie Welch, Chronic fatigue sufferer

Further research then led her to realise the full extent to which dental procedures and dental materials are impacting health on a variety of different levels. And the way in which the fragmented thinking of science means that dentists are missing the wood for the trees.

Alison now considers that she was a victim of the procedures that she was taught and feels a great deal of remorse about the harm she unwittingly inflicted upon her trusting patients. Her goals are now to raise awareness about the mouth-body connection among the public, dental health professionals and natural health therapists and to introduce some joined-up thinking into the conceptually separate fields of medicine and dentistry.

“If you live a holistic lifestyle and don’t address your mouth you will never achieve the health you could have. Your mouth is where you need to put the investment in your health – everything else you can do holistically and naturally without it costing an arm and a leg.”

Anita Vasquez Tibau, Consumers for Dental Choice campaigner

Alison lives in Gloucestershire, England with her husband and writes, researches and lectures on a range of mouth-body related subjects. For more about her presentations please refer to the Services page.

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