Tooth Meridian Relationships: Interactive Chart

tooth_meridian_slide (140x105)Traditional Asian medicine has long maintained that every body part (ie: organs, tissues, glands, etc) is animated by a specific acupuncture meridian (energy channels or pathways). All the meridians run through the teeth or their sockets and in this way each tooth is related to the rest of the body by way of these energy meridians.

This short video explains how there is a two-way relationship such that stresses within the body can manifest in the mouth as toothache (a dying tooth), tooth decay or gum disease or how the reverse is also true so that oral health issues can influence the internal organs via the associated energy meridian. 2 mins

Then, the interactive tooth-meridian chart below is designed to help you determine the possible cause of dental issues and also to work out which organ systems (meridians) may be stressed and requiring support. On selecting a tooth, the related body parts will be shown, thereby enabling you to establish potential links between dental and systemic health issues.

Using This Chart

To use this chart, click on a tooth to find out which body parts lie on the same meridian. If you have a particular body part that is weak, the tooth on the same meridian could exacerbate the problem. For instance, if you have breast cancer, a root canal on tooth #29 (lower right 5 or second premolar/bicuspid) could be making the problem worse and may require biological extraction in addition to any other allopathic/naturopathic symptomatic treatment.

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For more information about the relationship between systemic and oral health mediated by the energy meridians read Whole Body Dentistry by Dr Mark Breiner DDS. Click the appropriate link below for UK or US Amazon.


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