The Natural Recovery Plan Book

This book is a clear and paradigm-busting guide not just for those who have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or one of the hundred or more so-called autoimmune diseases, but for anyone who is chronically, seriously or degeneratively ill.

The first part of the book addresses the general issues of how we become sick by becoming toxic and examines the role of some of the most potent toxins of all – the toxic metals used in dentistry. In particular the book details the role of mercury which is primarily derived from dental amalgam fillings.

In its elemental form mercury is rated as the most deadly non-radioactive substance known to man. When converted into organic forms by processes within the body conservative estimates place it as becoming at least 100 times more potent. This makes methyl mercury an incredibly powerful toxin and one that is still underestimated by many.

Although we are assailed by thousands of poisonous substances in today’s world, mercury is the toxin to which most of us have the greatest exposure from eating contaminated fish, the mercury based preservative used in some vaccinations, but most of all from our dental amalgam fillings.

Mercury confounds many of the body’s biochemical functions and particularly energy production leading to the profound and chronic fatigue which is one of the hallmarks of mercury toxicity. It also disrupts many other bodily processes including nerve transmission, and compromises endocrine and digestive functions. This means that depending upon individual variability mercury poisoning can manifest as a wide variety of diseases which are often chronic or regarded as being incurable.

The body’s organs of detoxification are rapidly overwhelmed by the amounts of mercury we are exposed to today and so mercury accumulates within the body. The body then becomes unable without specific assistance to rid itself of this potent poison.

Mercury is also highly synergistic with other metals and poisons which mean that in assisting the body to eliminate mercury it then becomes able to excrete a great many of the other toxins that we are exposed to. In this manner, mercury really can be regarded as a key poison.

“Toxins almost always come in synergistically acting package-deals. Mercury alone is toxic. Together with zinc it is many times more toxic, add in a little copper and silver, as in dental amalgam fillings, and the detrimental effect to the body increases manifold.�?

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt PhD, physician and neurobiologist

 In the second part of the book a self-help plan using readily available supplements which aims to help the body to detoxify and eliminate mercury is outlined along with what to expect and how to manage the symptoms of detoxification.  The important topic of the safe and timely replacement of dental amalgam fillings and any other dental treatment is also addressed.

Take it from one who knows!

After 25 years of occupational mercury exposure as a dentist, Alison had to quit the profession suffering from a debilitating ‘mystery’ illness. While retraining as a naturopath, she slowly and reluctantly came to understand that this was mercury poisoning and using the principles she learnt has managed to recover her health.

So she has experienced the despair (and expense!) of degenerative illness and infirmity and walked the road to a recovery she always sensed – but never dared to dream – was possible.

“The people who have been through it are the ones you want to listen to.�?

Patrick Timpone, OneRadio host (speaking about Dr. Adams)

 What others are saying about the book

“This book is for every patient who has had amalgam fillings, currently has amalgam fillings, or will have their mercury amalgam fillings removed. This is a thorough book that helps people understand the magnitude of what mercury amalgams do to our health.” Marisa Russo, Dental Hygienist, Nutritionist and Anti-Amalgam Campaigner

“Alison, I salute you for this excellent book. As a fellow practitioner, I applaud your passion, tenacity and unerring dedication to share with others what you so painfully have undertaken for your own health, and painstakingly researched and recorded for others to benefit from.” Vicki Edgson, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Author and TV Presenter

“In modern medicine, we have been asking the wrong questions. We have been obsessed with finding the latest drugs to suppress the latest symptoms … and then think that we have cured something. We need to start thinking differently. We don’t get different answers if we don’t ask different questions, and Dr. Adams does exactly that in this book as she organises in detail, not only how to be aware of health problems, but also how to think differently and embrace the wisdom of non-traditional solutions.” Dr Bill Wolfe DDS, NMD, Biological Dentist and Naturopath

“If all dentists were to read this book, this horror of a practice (of using amalgam) would end overnight. After I let the information in this book sink in, I decided to take out a loan to have all the remaining metals removed from my mouth – you are effectively buying the rest of your life back.�? Regina Meredith, Internet TV host, Gaiam

“This book is for anyone who wants to feel better. Drawing upon the knowledge she gained in resolving her own health issues, Dr Adams in an informative and understandable fashion, gives the fundamental and underlying causes of most disease. She then gives you the tools and information you need to tackle your own health problems”. Dr Mark Breiner, US holistic dentist and author of Whole Body Dentistry

“I suffer from fibromyalgia, and The Natural Recovery Plan book has been a real life saver for me. It is the only explanation that seems to cover at least to some degree all the other theories about the cause of FMS & ME. But really, the proof has been in the results. In the nearly 18 months I’ve been following the supplement protocol, I have seen some significant improvements in my health.  I now suffer very few aches and pains and have greater stamina and describe myself as about 70% improved, which is amazing for such a relatively short time period. Thank you so much!! Claire Griffith, recovering FMS sufferer