Dr. Alison Adams

  • A UK and US trained dentist with 20 years clinical experience
  • A naturopath with diplomas in two forms of kinesiology and Allergy Therapy in addition to 5 other diplomas in related subjects including nutrition
  • A unique perspective and broad cross section of expertise and knowledge having trained in allopathic and naturopathic models of healthcare and dentistry
  • Has walked the walk having had personal experience of a lifelong descent into degenerative illness (along with all the associated health interventions) and of finally reclaiming her health using naturopathic principles
  • A leading authority on the effects of dental procedures and dental materials on health and the role of nutrition in oral health and development
  • The author of The Natural Recovery Plan book and the host of, an informative website looking at the causative factors in chronic, serious and degenerative illness including dental procedures and dental materials

‘Modern’ dentistry: A broken paradigm

The conventional model sees the mouth as being separate to the body with doctors knowing little about the mouth and dentists evidencing little interest in the health of their patients. In addition the adverse effects of dental treatment are often delayed and take different forms in different people so that the causal links have never been made.

This way of thinking has to be transformed.

When the mouth is understood as being a critical part of the body the folly of many procedures becomes evident. And when the generational effects are understood, the imperative has to be to prevent the necessity for such procedures in the next generation so that they don’t suffer the same health consequences as their parents.

Alison’s personal mission is to help change the way we think about health and disease in general and oral health and disease in particular and to transform the way dentistry is practised.

In her presentations Dr. Adams delivers a new paradigm for 21st century healthcare that unites dentistry, natural medicine and nutrition and which embraces both old knowledge and the new understandings of quantum physics and energy medicine.

“Your work is beautiful and necessary and as a holistic dentist I can relate to your work very much. The dental paradigm has to change and a new one must emerge. Slowly, but surely, our common concerns about dental toxicity are being heard and the sacrifices that we make will contribute to the health of humanity.”

Dr Lina Garcia DDS DMD, Holistic Dentist, Chicago


Dr Alison Adams is passionate about informing and empowering others to reclaim their health. She gives presentations and talks on topics relating to the impact of dental procedures on health as outlined below.

The Mouth-Body Connection Presentation

For dental professionals

These presentations point the direction towards a new and exciting – if challenging – future for dentistry. And the fact is that these changes are coming whether you and your staff are ready or not.

An amalgam phase-out followed by an amalgam ban has been recommended by the World Health Organisation. This process has already been completed in many countries with the UK and the US sadly dragging their feet. For more on this topic see WHO Report on Dentistry: Update for Dentists and A Crisis and an Opportunity.

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity”

Henry Hartman

Practically no dentist goes into the profession with the intention of harming people for a living (in spite of what the public may think!). But what if this is unwittingly what you are doing through not having all the facts?

Find out what you’ve been missing and what they didn’t teach you at dental school!

The Mercury Issue

The average dentist is implanting 1.5 kilos of mercury into their unsuspecting patient’s mouths every year. That is 1 billion tons of mercury every decade in the US! This is having massive but largely unacknowledged effects not just on the health of the individual patients – but on the health of their children and grandchildren, on dentists and their staff, and on the environment.

ALL dentists are mercury poisoned – they just don’t know it. It is just not possible to have been preparing, placing and removing amalgam fillings on a daily basis for possibly decades and for that not to be the case.

This presentation explores the issues surrounding the use of dental amalgam – its history, the symptoms of mercury poisoning and the process of the safe replacement of amalgam fillings and mercury detoxification.

This presentation is for dentists who want to find out more about the issue of the use of mercury in dentistry and to be able to give informed and considered answers to their patient’s legitimate concerns.

It is really important that as a dentist you take personal responsibility for what you are exposing yourself, your staff and patients to. You are being looked to as an authority on this topic.

Make sure you are worthy of the trust others have invested in you. Their lives are very literally in your hands.

“Comprehensive and superb! Your presentation was so brilliant, so well balanced and full of relevant content that it provided something we can all build on.” Dr John Roberts B.Ch.D, Biological dentist of a 2013 presentation on dental amalgam

The Mouth Body Connection

This presentation looks at many of the issues affecting health and dental health including nutrition, toxic metals, root canals, dental cavitations, the causes of dental disease, and facial and dental development, and is suitable for any interested groups of dentists and/or hygienists.

“Interesting information, well presented.” Dr Shabir Pandor, holistic dentist

“Terrific talk! A good cook’s tour of the subject. As the child of two dentists and after several decades of studying the subject I agree with everything you said.” Dr Charles Forsyth, doctor and homeopath

“Fabulous talk! You’ve opened up a new way of thinking around health and disease.” Rob Mesrie, NLP health practitioner

“Your informative lecture, scientifically based, was a ‘tour de force’ which should benefit the medical, dental and paramedical professions as well as the general public.” L. Leader, nutritional therapist and natural health author

“I bought what you had to say in your Mouth-Body Connection talk absolutely.” Anne Pemberton, nurse and nutritionist

“Your talk was brilliant! Clear, illuminating and fascinating – but terrifying.” Dr Jenny Goodman, physician

“Very informative and clearly presented information. Very relevant to clinical practice.” Dr Dee Marshall, doctor and homeopath

“Thank you so much for the great talk – it was really an amazingly comprehensive presentation!” Dr Franziska Meuschel, doctor specialising in allergy and digestive health

Bowen_AGM“In nearly 40 years of attending Natural Health conferences, that was the best presentation I have ever seen. Every word was literally pure gold!”Ossie Rentsch,  Bowen Technique formaliser, publiciser and instructor on Dr Adams’ presentation at the Bowen Association UK AGM 2013

  For dental staff

The Mercury Issue and The Mouth-Body Connection presentations as outlined above but suitable for receptionists, hygienists, dental assistants, practice managers and other support staff.

  • For dentists who are wanting to make the change to a more biological or holistic way of working and who want their staff to understand their vision
  • For dental assistant, hygienist and dental therapist associations and CPD courses

For natural health therapists

These presentations are suitable for natural health therapists of all stripes including naturopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, osteopaths, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc.

The Mercury Issue

This issue of mercury toxicity is going to be a very large concern in the coming years and with millions of people affected, the public are going to be looking for suitably qualified and experienced help and guidance. This presentation covers the ill effects of mercury, how to help guide clients through the maze of dental options and how to help assist with mercury detoxification.

It will help natural health practitioners to know what to look for and when and will give them confidence in collaborating with dentists and their staff to coordinate patient care.

“Fantastic! Every holistic practitioner and dentist in the country needs to attend this lecture! This is the next big epidemic that will affect every human being on the planet over the coming years.” Janet Wrathall, naturopath

“Any therapist who doesn’t understand ‘mercury’ is working eyes shut. Therapists who understand are working eyes wide open.” Cynthia Sillars, kinesiologist

“A very interesting and informative presentation on a subject that is sure to be a hot topic in the years to come.” Dr Baber Nisar BDS, Mercury-free dentist

 “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful presentation. It was magnificently researched, prepared and presented, and I came away feeling hugely more informed and greatly re-energised around the subject of mercury toxicity. I am sure that it will greatly help me in my practice to both recognise the symptoms of mercury toxicity and be able to guide people on the subject.” Sally Whitman, nutritionist and lecturer

“Packed with extremely useful information … interesting, very well illustrated and able to be understood by both therapists and lay people. In fact there was so much to be taken in that I would be happy to attend this event again. Thank you Alison!” Cynthia Garraway-Smith, complementary therapist