Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam: Special Request

The issue of chronic mercury poisoning

As a dentist who got occupational mercury poisoning, I can tell you that the reason the issue of the use of mercury in dental amalgam fillings and as a preservative in some vaccinations won’t go away is because it is the unseen cause of a great many chronic, serious and degenerative illnesses.

This video outlines the key facts about mercury toxicity from dental amalgam which are also listed below.

  • Dental amalgam fillings were developed nearly two centuries ago and never underwent ANY KIND OF SAFETY TESTING before being used on BILLIONS OF PEOPLE
  • Dental amalgam fillings comprise HALF LIQUID MERCURY and half other powdered toxic metals such as silver, copper, tin and zinc
  • As a liquid or vapour, mercury is THE SECOND MOST DEADLY SUBSTANCE known to man and the THIRD MOST TOXIC SUBSTANCE on earth
  • Dental amalgam never forms a true alloy, instead it forms a VERY STIFF METALLIC PASTE in a mercury base
  • The different metals used in dental amalgam fillings become electrically active when inserted into the mouth causing mercury to vaporise to the extent that only 20% of THE ORIGINAL MERCURY CONTENT is found in the filling after 20 years
  • The mercury vapour is converted into its organic form by the many bacteria that inhabit your mouth and intestines and by detoxification processes in the liver making the mercury at least 100 TIMES MORE DEADLY
  • Mercury has long been recognised as an incredibly potent BIOCHEMICAL TOXIN (it blocks all the biochemical reactions within the body) and NEUROLOGICAL TOXIN (it causes nerve and brain cell destruction)
  • Chronic mercury poisoning is known to cause SEVERE, DEGENERATIVE and CHRONIC MENTAL, EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL problems and DEATH
  • The mercury vapour from dental amalgam fillings is given off in TIME-RELEASE FORM, slowly accumulating in the owner’s body so that the link between cause and effect hasn’t been obvious
  • So-called high copper amalgam was universally introduced in the 1970s replacing the previous formula. It forms droplets of mercury on its surface which vaporise off-gassing 50 TIMES THE MERCURY of the previous formulation
  • Combining amalgam with other restorative metals in the mouth causes complex electrical and galvanic reactions which also cause the MERCURY TO VAPORISE AT A GREATLY ACCELERATED RATE
  • The mercury has ACCUMULATED IN THE HUMAN POPULATION as it has been PASSED FROM MOTHER TO CHILD in the womb and breast milk over more than 7 generations
  • Everyone exhibits DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS of chronic mercury poisoning according to factors like genetics, nutrition and stress so that the causal link has not been made
  • Dentists collectively insert 150 METRIC TONNES of mercury into people’s mouths every year and the average dentist is responsible for inserting approximately 1.5 KILOS of this highly potent toxin annually
  • There are over 100 MILLION AMALGAM FILLINGS placed each year in the US and TENS OF MILLIONS in the UK
  • The average person has 5 GRAMS of time-release mercury in their mouth
  • Since the introduction of dental amalgam we have seen the advent of hundreds of ‘MYSTERIOUS’ CHRONIC, DISABLING and ‘INCURABLE’ ILLNESSES including: MS, Alzheimer’s disease, CFS, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, autism, ADHD and IBS
  • In addition to witnessing MASSIVE INCREASES in the number of people suffering with obesity, arthritis, allergies, menstrual and fertility problems, insomnia, diabetes, thyroid problems, heart disease, cancer, depression and anxiety – in fact, OVER HALF THE POPULATION now have a chronic health condition!
  • At least 1 IN EVERY 25 CHILDREN now has some kind of learning or behavioural disorder and rapidly growing numbers are on the autistic spectrum
  • An estimated 1 IN EVERY 10 people now have either a fatigue syndrome or an autoimmune disease and autoimmune diseases have now become one of the TOP 10 LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH in younger women
  • Last, but not least, the use of mercury in medical and dental care also POLLUTES OUR SOILS AND OCEANS poisoning both the wildlife and the humans who eat the fish

For proof of these assertions about the health effects of chronic mercury poisoning, please refer to the Research section of The Mouth-Body Doctor website and particularly The Results of Removal of Dental Amalgam Fillings article or Research PDF detailing recovery from all sorts of serious, chronic and ‘incurable’ conditions following dental amalgam filling removal and effective mercury detoxification.

In addition, you may want to watch the videos entitled Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Mercury which explains the mechanisms by which mercury toxicity causes fatiguing and autoimmune diseases, Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning or A History of Mercury Poisoning, or listen to Dr Alison Adams’ Interviews on the subject (CMNRadio Insight, OneRadio interviews 12 and 3).

So you see this is a MONUMENTAL and VERY, VERY SERIOUS problem.

It also seems that the illnesses that chronic mercury poisoning causes appear calculated to inflict maximum physical, mental and emotional suffering whilst the victims experience minimum social and healthcare support. If you want to assess your own possible exposure to mercury, please complete the Mercury Toxicity Questionnaire and you may also be interested in the article The Use of Mercury in Medicine & Dentistry.

Action on mercury use in medicine and dentistry

Timely action on the issue of chronic mercury poisoning is not going to come from the AUTHORITIES who generally take the line that there is no ‘conclusive proof’ of the harm caused by mercury in dental amalgam fillings and the mercury preservative used in vaccinations and are fearful of the massive lawsuits that will ensue if they ever concede these issues.

Sadly, action is also not going to come from the DENTAL PROFESSION who – in spite of being the biggest victims of chronic mercury poisoning through occupational exposure to mercury vapour – are unaware of the true facts. Click this link for the research article  The Health of Dental Personnel or for the PDF. In fact, the dental associations appear committed to fighting the recommendation of the World Health Organisation that the use of mercury-containing dental amalgam be phased-out.

As a dentist who got mercury poisoning and retrained as a naturopath before figuring all this out, I know it took me way too long to wake up and smell the coffee on this issue myself!

Timely action on chronic mercury poisoning is also not going to come from the MEDICAL PROFESSION who now have largely become prescribers of the pharmaceutical drugs which MANAGE ILLNESSES, but that never address the underlying causes of disease.

For obvious reasons, the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY does not want you in robust good health either.

So, ultimately the only person who has you and your family’s best interests at heart on this issue is: YOU!

We, the people

It is for this reason that I have concluded that action to ban the use of mercury in medicine and dentistry is going to have to come from the BOTTOM UP.

So I’m asking you all to MAKE SOME NOISE about the issue of chronic mercury poisoning acquired from the mercury used in medical and dental care. The mercury preservative, thimerasol, is being withdrawn from some vaccinations and many countries have already banned the use of dental amalgam (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, etc). My hope is that there will be a domino effect as other countries follow their lead and the remaining governments come under pressure.

I am also asking you to stop expecting SOMEONE ELSE or someone in authority to tackle this issue.

WE, THE PEOPLE, are going to have to do this collectively – and we can, harnessing the AMAZING POWER OF THE INTERNET.

Here are the ACTIONS I am asking you to take:

FORWARD this newsletter or the explanatory movie on to people on your contacts list
If you or anyone you know has a MAILING LIST, please circulate this article
magnifying glass logo GET INFORMED by studying the free material available on The Mouth-Body Doctor website
TELL people about this issue
Exercise your right to INFORMED CONSENT about medical and dental care
google logo Make this information visible by LINKING to The Mouth-Body Doctor website and getting the site up the GOOGLE and YAHOO RANKINGS
WRITE to the dental and government bodies in your country charged with protecting you and ask for answers
email logo EMAIL links to the relevant Research Articles to your dentist’s office or the dental governing body in your country and ask for their comments
RING your radio and TV phone-in programmes and raise this issue
Start asking AWKWARD QUESTIONS of those in authority
Printer logo PRINT OUT and send the articles in the Research Section to anyone you think should know this information
facebook-logo Let your friends on FACEBOOK or MYSPACE know about the issue of chronic mercury poisoning
Contact Alison Adams if you have any SPECIAL SKILLS or ability to get this issue publicised or if you are willing to give some of your time
twitter logo TWITTER about it … you get THE IDEA!
DO IT for the EARTH

Never underestimate the CUMULATIVE POWER of small actions.

Make a difference.


START NOW by sending this article on to the person in your immediate circle who is the one in ten who has chronic mercury poisoning and has been diagnosed with either chronic fatigue syndrome (C.F.S.), M.E., fibromyalgia or an autoimmune disease.

Further resources

Please note that it is important to tackle the removal of dental amalgam fillings and the detoxification process for chronic mercury poisoning in a particular way. Details can be found in the book Chronic Fatigue, M.E., and Fibromyalgia: The Natural Recovery Plan.

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