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bio-toothBiological, holistic, physiological or Whole Body dentistry is dentistry that considers and attempts to minimise the impact of dental procedures upon the entire body. By identifying and treating or removing disruptive factors relating to the mouth and jaws it seeks to promote continued health and proper growth or a return to health in those whose health is compromised.

It is an emerging field and, although being organised by a small group of enthusiastic proponents is still a relatively new concept that has yet to be systematised. Unfortunately the terms ‘biological’ and/or ‘holistic’ have become a marketing tool for some dentists without the appropriate training or understanding of the impact of dental procedures on health.

Also, because the mainstream does not understand the principles or aims of biological dentistry at this moment in time many biological dentists are operating under the constant threat of losing their dental licence – and as a consequence their livelihood – and so choose to keep a low profile rather than broadcast their activities widely through public appearances and advertising.

Sadly, history has shown that the more vocal and visible tend to become the targets of concerted campaigns by hostile governing and regulatory authorities and the mainstream press who brand such well intentioned highly trained professionals as ‘quacks’.

It is important to understand that allopathic medicine and dentistry are seriously big businesses with at least £6 billion spent in the UK and over $108 billion spent in the US annually on dental services (2010) and trillions of dollars spent on medical care and pharmaceuticals globally every year. In fact, in the US medical and dental care combined account for approximately a quarter of GDP! So anything which disrupts or threatens the status quo is up against a lot of powerful, wealthy and entrenched interests.

“The pharmaceutical industry is — and has been for years — the most profitable of all businesses in the U.S.”

TIME magazine

For more on this topic see the research articles The Adverse Effects of ‘Modern’ Medicine and The Adverse Effects of Pharmaceuticals.

The new/old paradigm: Biological dentistry

Biological dentistry is undoubtedly the dentistry of the future and unites natural medicine, dentistry, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and energy medicine. The fact is that allopathic medicine and dentistry have arisen as separate disciplines with neither practitioner understanding much about the other’s discipline – unlike in veterinary science, for example, where a veterinarian would most probably examine the mouth of an ailing animal first. For a variety of reasons the emergence of the two different disciplines and the fixation of science with dividing things up into parts has led to the crazy situation where connections between the mouth and the rest of the body aren’t even recognised by either profession!

Biological dentistry seeks to redress the imbalance seeing the whole and not just as a biological system, but as an energetic system too – for this is the nature of what we think of as reality. The fact is that the evidence for many of these issues has been around for decades and in some cases centuries (eg: cavitations) but has been ignored, ridiculed, or actively covered up because it was inconvenient, embarrassing or threatening to the status quo.

Some biological dentists may use or may refer you to someone who uses EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll) to assess your energy meridian system before treatment and possibly afterwards to assess the impact of dental treatment. This involves using sensors to detect energy flows in the meridian system and to determine which circuits may be compromised since all the meridians pass through the teeth or their sockets and are affected by dental procedures.

For more on this topic refer to the articles Biological DentistryWhole Body Dentistry or Chronic Health Conditions and Dental Health,  listen to Energy Medicine, Homeopathy and Dentistry or view other articles in the Energetic Relationships Section,

Mercury amalgam fillings

This is the one issue on which most biological dentists agree – that mercury-containing amalgam fillings are a disaster on all sorts of fronts (toxicity, allergy, blockage and electrostimulation of the meridians, production of galvanic currents, etc) and that their safe removal and replacement is a prerequisite for health and recovery.

“From a practical standpoint, amalgam is totally unnecessary anymore. From the biocompatibility standpoint, it is totally insupportable.”

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Using the term mercury-free should mean that the dentist never places amalgam fillings – that they don’t even have any in the building. However, in some group practices this may mean that one dentist is mercury-free while others may not be, so that the atmosphere may be mercury contaminated. The term mercury-safe means that they take precautions to protect their patients, staff, themselves – and the environment.

Also understand that because the powers-that-be are currently maintaining that the use of mercury-containing dental amalgam is safe, dentists are not even allowed to tell you about or discuss this aspect of treatment which is known as the ‘gag’ rule in US. Even in other countries (unless a phase-down or amalgam ban is already in place), dentists are on very shaky ground if they discuss the toxicity of dental amalgam and in most countries cannot suggest the removal of amalgam fillings on health grounds (although they can replace amalgam fillings for aesthetic reasons).

The World Health Organisation has announced a global amalgam phase-out beginning in 2015 so this situation may change although currently the dental trades unions (eg: the British and American Dental Associations) are set to fight the phase-down.

“You still use mercury in fillings don’t you? Why would you do that?” 

A mystified Swede

There are a raft of precautions that should be taken when removing amalgam fillings. For more on this refer to the IAOMT guide to Safe Removal of Amalgam Fillings. And for more on the issues surrounding amalgam see the articles Book Review: It’s All in Your HeadMercury Poisoning From Dental Amalgam, and many other articles, videos and podcasts on this website.

If you want to have your amalgam fillings removed but you really can’t find a biological dentist in your area or you can’t afford biological treatment, some precautions you can take are listed in the article Dental Amalgam Filling Replacement.

I also cover the management of amalgam filling removal in my book The Natural Recovery Plan which outlines a self-help mercury detoxification programme. I wrote the book because I recognised the magnitude of the problem and also realised that many people don’t have the resources to see an environmental physician or naturopath and that such treatment is usually not covered by any kind of insurance.

If you can find someone suitably versed in the detoxification of toxic metals to help you – good, but it is a complex and challenging topic and many practitioners may not be well versed in managing treatment. Many also use intravenous chelation to excrete mercury via the kidneys which I consider to be a bad idea for the reasons outlined in Mercury/Amalgam Detox: Top 3 Tips and Synthetic Chelating Agents.

Other toxic metals

Although they may not use amalgam, some biological dentists still use metals in some applications (titanium implants, etc) whilst others consider that the mouth – and the body at large – are no place for metals. Metals corrode, their ions infiltrate both local and distant tissues, they produce galvanic currents and they both block meridians and produce chaotic electrical stimulation of the meridians.

For more on this topic see Testing for Toxic MetalsThe Role of Toxic Metals in IllnessMetal ToxicityCobalt ToxicityDental Crowns and General HealthHealth Concerns About NickelPlatinum Use in Dentistry, Dental Implants and other articles.

Dental disease

Both gum disease and tooth decay are regarded by the mainstream as being topical diseases caused by attacking bacteria and measures deployed against both diseases are largely topical – and somewhat ineffective. This is because both of these diseases are symptoms of underlying nutritional deficiencies which need to be corrected in order to not only reverse and prevent further dental disease, but also the systemic disease of which they are an early warning sign.

Some biological dentists may utilise blood tests to help stabilise the blood chemistry and may also deploy ozone, lasers and other methods to arrest and reverse dental disease.

For more on this topic see What Is Gum Disease?, The Current Theory of Tooth DecayOzone Use in DentistryNutrition and Physical Degeneration and the introductory video and other items in the Dental Disease section.

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