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Dental materials and dental procedures have far reaching effects upon health that are only now being acknowledged. The MouthBody Doctor defines a new paradigm of holistic dental care which recognises the interrelatedness of the health of the mouth to that of the body and the role of nutrition in oral and facial health and development.

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    The Critical Importance of Apolipoprotein E Status

    chromosomes 3d illustration

    Apolipoproteins are proteins that are found embedded in the periphery of the small particles (chylomicrons and intermediate-density lipoproteins) which transport fats and proteins around the body in the watery mediums of the blood and lymph. Apolipoprotein E (APOE) is one … Continue reading

    Video: The Perfect Gene Diet


    In this short video the nurse practitioner, Pamela McDonald, tells of her discovery of the inadequacies and complexities of the cholesterol/heart disease hypothesis and the importance of knowing and understanding your inherited apolipoprotein (APOE) status. 3 mins “We can look … Continue reading

    Video: The Effect of Midline Discrepancy on Facial Appearance


    The orthotropics expert Dr Michael Mew talks about the causes and treatment of midline discrepancies. The causes include: 1.  Those primarily of the teeth due to early loss of deciduous (baby) teeth or crowding – this is easy to treat. … Continue reading

    Research: Mercury Release From Amalgam Fillings Following MRI & Mobile Phone Use

    A beautiful young blonde executive using a mobile phone in a hi-tech surrounding.

    In the first phase of this study stimulated saliva was collected from thirty patients before and after a 30 minute MRI scan. The mean saliva mercury concentrations of the patients before the MRI scan were 8.6 microg/L and after 11.3 microg/L. In … Continue reading

    Video: The Tooth/Body Connection With Drs Dawn Ewing and Michael Margolis


    An ‘Open House’ interview conducted by Gerry Cornejo with the naturopath Dr Dawn Ewing PhD ND and the biological dentist Dr Michael D. Margolis DDS about the tooth/body connection. They discuss energy meridians and to illustrate Dr Margolis recounts his … Continue reading