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Dental materials and dental procedures have far reaching effects upon health that are only now being acknowledged. The MouthBody Doctor defines a new paradigm of holistic dental care which recognises the interrelatedness of the health of the mouth to that of the body and the role of nutrition in oral and facial health and development.

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    Honouring Hal Huggins


    After a period of infirmity, Dr Hal Alan Huggins, DDS, MS, the ‘world’s most controversial dentist’ passed away peacefully at his Colorado Springs home on Saturday, November 29, 2014. He was 77 years old. Dental amalgam: The truth dawns Dr. … Continue reading

    Dr Hal Huggins’ Dream 1


    The video below is of Dr Hal Huggins’ last lecture at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) in September 2014. Sick, frail and emotional he had obviously made a big effort to travel … Continue reading

    Dr Hal Huggins’ Dream 2


    Continued from Dr Hal Huggins Dream 1 Cavitations Almost all lower wisdom tooth extractions result in the formation of cavitations which are improperly healed osteonecrotic cavities within the jaw bone. These are rarely visible on x-ray, but their presence can … Continue reading

    Video: Dr Blanche Grube Pays Tribute To Dr Hal Huggins


    The biological dentist Dr Blanche Grube DDS pays tribute to the late Dr Hal Huggins. She was diagnosed with leukaemia 22 years ago when attending a course given by Dr Huggins and recovered after having her amalgam fillings and root … Continue reading

    Joining The Dots Of The Advent Of Disease 1

    Old books in classic library 4

    In my opinion the four greatest health disasters in the history of humanity are: 1. The advent of agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago which heralded the consumption of dairy products and grains which have been shown by the fossil record … Continue reading