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Dental materials and dental procedures have far reaching effects upon health that are only now being acknowledged. The MouthBody Doctor defines a new paradigm of holistic dental care which recognises the interrelatedness of the health of the mouth to that of the body and the role of nutrition in oral and facial health and development.

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    Video: The Tooth/Body Connection With Drs Dawn Ewing and Michael Margolis


    An ‘Open House’ interview conducted by Gerry Cornejo with the naturopath Dr Dawn Ewing PhD ND and the biological dentist Dr Michael D. Margolis DDS about the tooth/body connection. They discuss energy meridians and to illustrate Dr Margolis recounts his … Continue reading

    Video: Waterpik Water Flosser Demonstration


    The biological dentist, Dr Laurence Brownstein DDS, demonstrates the use of the Waterpik Water Flosser.  A lot of research now links the inflammation and microbes associated with gum (periodontal) disease to a higher incidence of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and … Continue reading

    Video: Treatment of an Overbite With Orthotropics


    In this video Professor John Mew explains the different orthodontic classifications for jaw relationships. Class I occlusion is considered ‘ideal’ with the teeth of the upper jaw just overlapping those of the lower jaw. In Class II occlusions the upper … Continue reading

    Research: The Real Cost of Dental Mercury


    The way industry is currently set up organisations try to ‘externalise’ as many of their real operating costs as possible in order to maximise profits. In the case of the use of mercury-containing amalgam fillings in dentistry the cost of … Continue reading

    Research: Proden PlaqueOff


    The seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum is the sole member of the brown alga family Fucaceae which is harvested in Norway and Iceland. Compressed into a supplemental tablet form and ingested it is absorbed through the intestinal wall and appears systemically in saliva. … Continue reading