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According to Dr Reinhold Voll (the developer of electroacupuncture) and many other skilled and enlightened practitioners, up to 90% of all disease has an orientation in the mouth.

That is that oral infections, the use of metal in dental restorations, incomplete healing after extractions, root canal fillings, standard orthodontic treatment, and oral surgery are all causing chronic and serious systemic health problems for which the links are only just being recognised.

Gum disease and tooth decay are the two most common diseases in the world and are regarded by the mainstream as essentially being caused by local factors. However, a lot of evidence – not least of which is the failure of current efforts to prevent dental disease – suggests that this way of looking at things at best only offers a partial solution and that dental disease is a local manifestation of a whole-body issue.

The consequences of dental diseases are lifelong and often determined in childhood, with small cavities inevitably becoming larger cavities throughout life that then require root canal fillings and ultimately extraction of the offending tooth.

In addition, allopathic dentistry regards the malformations of the jaw and face which are endemic in the developed world as being genetic in origin, but the work of Dr Weston Price in indigenous communities eighty years ago and the archaeological evidence suggest that this assumption is erroneous and that the cause is actually gross nutritional deficiencies associated with our modern diet.

Again, the consequences of such problems are profound often requiring extractions for orthodontic treatment which, while straightening the teeth, usually further shrink the underdeveloped jaw(s) requiring lifelong retention of the teeth in what are essentially unstable positions. This issue also affects facial development and attractiveness, and brain development and mental capability so has profound implications for every aspect of the individual’s life.

Finally (and this may come as a surprise to allopathic physicians and dentists) the mouth is connected to the rest of the body via all sorts of mechanisms including the blood and lymphatic circulations, the musculoskeletal system and the dura (the tough outer coating of the central nervous system), the nervous system, tissue planes within the body, the airways and digestive system and the energy meridian system.

The body is a whole and to meaningfully resolve any systemic or dental issues, practitioners and those seeking to recover or maintain their health need to look at the whole and at any underlying causes rather than the symptomatic approach that characterises the current allopathic paradigm.

The fact is that addressing the health of your mouth is key to recovering or maintaining your health, sanity, mental function and wellbeing. Health begins in the mouth and you simply cannot experience optimal health without addressing the status of your mouth.

Almost everyone reading this will have been a victim of current dental practices, but it is critically important to become informed if you are a parent to prevent the same problems being perpetuated in future generations.

I believe that this is a huge topic and a topic of huge importance, and one which currently falls between the cracks of the current allopathic set up which is exactly why I have established the MouthBody Doctor website

Root canal fillings

This video looks at some of the health issues posed by retaining dead or dying teeth using the routine dental procedure of a root canal filling.

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Extractions and surgery

This video looks at problems with post-extraction healing and the frequent development of jaw cavitations. Other issues relating to forehead, or oral surgery including the placement of dental implants are also addressed.

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Structure and development

This video addresses the topic of whether problems with jaw development and tooth crowding are genetic as is often presumed or whether they have nutritional deficiencies at their base as suggested by the extensive research of Dr Weston A Price.

For more go to the Structure and Development section.

Toxic metals

This video addresses the topic of the use of toxic metals in dentistry and particularly the use of mercury-containing dental amalgam as a filling material. The health risks posed by the routine use of toxic metals in dentistry are briefly covered.

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Energetic relationships

This video looks at the new paradigm of energy medicine in relation to dentistry. This includes an appreciation of the effects of dental procedures on the energy meridian system of the body.


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This video covers a variety of subjects not covered in other videos in this series. This includes health concerns relating to the use of dental x-rays, antibiotics, fluoride, tooth bleaching and composite filling materials.

For more on these and related topics go to the Miscellaneous section.


The Research section posts all the latest and most relevant research relating to the Mouth-Body Connection.

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