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Dental materials and dental procedures have far reaching effects upon health that are only now being acknowledged. The MouthBody Doctor defines a new paradigm of holistic dental care which recognises the interrelatedness of the health of the mouth to that of the body and the role of nutrition in oral and facial health and development.

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    Drugs That Cause A Dry Mouth

    Wild Cacti Blossom in the Canyon

    One of the most common causes of dry mouth (xerostomia) are pharmaceutical drugs since most work by blocking biochemical pathways within the body (eg: anti-histamines). In fact, over 1,800 different drugs are known to cause xerostomia as a side-effect. The … Continue reading

    Video: ‘Isolated’ Autism .. Your Child?


    Dr Andrew Wakefield comments on the revelations by the CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, about how data linking the MMR vaccine (and possibly the mercury preservative, thimerasol, it contains) to autism was ‘tortured’ and eventually omitted by researchers prior to publication. … Continue reading

    Video: Orthotain Correcting The Teeth Without Braces


    Leslie Stevens, consultant at Orthotain, explains how Orthotain orthodontic appliances eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment with braces. Use of the habit corrector appliance is also good to prevent the development of future dental issues. 2 mins Relevant products: For … Continue reading

    Video: Digital X-Rays


    A brief explanation of the advantages of digital dental x-rays. 2 mins Relevant products: For more information about maintaining a healthy mouth read 7 Steps to Dental Health: A Holistic Guide to a Healthy Mouth and Body. Click the relevant … Continue reading

    The Wry Observations of Dr Martin H Fischer


    Martin Henry Fischer (10 November 1879 – 19 January 1962) was a German-born American physician and author. He is best known for his pithy comments about the practice of medicine – some of which are offered below. Medical education “The … Continue reading