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Dental materials and dental procedures have far reaching effects upon health that are only now being acknowledged. The MouthBody Doctor defines a new paradigm of holistic dental care which recognises the interrelatedness of the health of the mouth to that of the body and the role of nutrition in oral and facial health and development.

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    Audio: Dr Victor Zeines on the Teeth/Health Connection


    In this interview (available in audio and video formats below), Justin Stellman of Extreme Health Radio interviews the biological dentist, Dr Victor Zeines. 1 hr approx. In it Dr Zeines talks about the meridian system and how the status of … Continue reading

    Video: The Aqualizer Dental Splint and Its Effects on the Head, Neck & Jaw Joint in 3D View


    This first video explains how the Aqualizer Dental Splint works. It is a fluid-filled temporary splint that can be used for diagnostic purposes (to establish whether the bite is causing pain or symptoms elsewhere) and to decompress the temperomandibular joint and relax … Continue reading

    Video: Big Sugar Takes on the World Health Organisation


    This video by Dr Michael Greger MD examines how the interests of public health go directly against the interests of corporate Big Food and how they use aggressive pressure and lobbying to protect their interests. Reference is made to the … Continue reading

    Research: Do Fillings Cause Decay In Adjacent Teeth?


    Recently published research carried out by  Professor Simen E. Kopperud et al in the Public Dental Service of Norway which assessed the likelihood of teeth adjacent to a newly placed composite filling decaying has created controversy – and headlines. First, a … Continue reading

    Jawbone Cavitations: The Problem 1

    Drohender Zahnverlust

    This article and the accompanying Optimal Post-Extraction Healing article are intended to provide practical and helpful information about healing from dental extractions. This is an issue because most extractions simply never heal properly leaving what are known as jawbone cavitations. … Continue reading